Suppliers: Invoices And Making Payments

How To Pay

Please send all remittance to the following address:

Advertising Specialty Institute
P O Box 8200
Philadelphia, PA 19101-9950

Credit-Card Payments

Credit-card payments offer you the advantage of a 10- to 30-day deferral before your credit-card bill even arrives. If you don't have a copy for the credit-card form normally enclosed with our invoices, please contact Customer Service at (800) 546-1350 or (215) 953-4000.

Questions About Your Invoice, Making Payment Or Payment Options

Please call ASI at (800) 546-1350 or (215) 953-4000 and ask for Customer Service.

Credit Reference Requests

All credit reference requests should be faxed to (215) 953-3908. Please mark your fax ASI CREDIT DEPT, ATTENTION: CREDIT DEPT. and include your ASI number.

Online Account Manager

You can log-in using either your ESP Online™ login information or your email address and password. Just click here. If you have forgotten your password you can contact ASI's customer support team at 800-546-1224 option 1 from 8am - 6:30pm EST.

Requests For Cancellation of Services

Please fax any request for cancellation of services to (215) 953-3908. Be sure to include your ASI number on your request.

Explanation Of ASI Products Or Services

Please direct any questions about your ASI products or services to your Account Manager rather than Customer Service. If you don't have your Account Manager's direct number, call (800) 546-1350 or (215) 953-4000 and have your ASI number on hand.

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