Suppliers: Submitting Ad Materials – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the mechanical specifications for each magazine?

2. What are the mechanical specifications for each catalog and Register?

3. Can I send my ad electronically?

ASI has made sending your ad or images easy.

Upload Advertising

ASI accepts only PDF format files (PDF/X1a is preferred).
Start uploading files now!

Please note that PDF files are not acceptable as color proofs and do not provide a guide for color accuracy. All advertisers are encouraged to send a SWOP-standard proof to: ASI, 4800 Street Road, Trevose, PA  19053, Attn: Publication/Contact Name.

4. What information do you need to prepare an ad for an ASI catalog?

  1. Product number
  2. A description of the product (construction, features, size, imprint area, etc.)
  3. Coded pricing
  4. Imprinting methods with coded costs
  5. Production time
  6. For some catalogs: your F.O.B. point, personalization information or a value-added offer.

5. Do you need me to send a color proof of the advertisement I’m supplying?

Yes, we do encourage you to send a SWOP color proof with each ad in order to match the color you've approved with the color on the press.

6. Are there logos that I cannot include in my advertisements?

Yes.See this list.


7. Do you send my material back to me?

We return all samples sent to us for all publications excluding disks unless requested.

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